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The goal of our services is to reunify children with their biological parents by providing evidenced based curriculums to assist them in establishing a safe, nurturing environment in which their children can thrive.

Resilient MINDS family services is contracted with the State of Indiana Department of Child Services to provide Community Based programs that are court ordered by DCS courts. This agreement is made possible through a rigorous application and bidding process in which Indiana creates and opens when a need in services has been identified. Applicants are put through the task of formulating and developing a stringent business plan, an execution of services applied for and asked to prove their ability to execute services according to set service standards laid out by the Department of Child services. After this has been properly documented and proven, applicants that pass are selected and awarded a contract. Resilient Minds was awarded the opportunity to serve its community in July 2019. Resilient Minds provides services that are court ordered and put in place to assist parents in reunification with their children whom they have been separated due to abuse and/ neglect, educational neglect, inability to provide a safe and loving environment in which a child can thrive.

The Home Based Casework, Supervised Visitation, and Tutoring services provided by Resilient Minds help families acquire the needed skills to achieve reunification and provide a loving supportive environment where children can thrive.