Maybe the most valuable 10 minutes you spend all week!

As an independent agent of ERTC.com, we help businesses get much-needed capital by collecting on a little-known government tax program that rewards businesses for paying employees during the pandemic, and you can qualify even if you received one or both of the PPP loans.

What differentiates us?

  • We triple-check your refund with 3 CPA firms
  • We’ve had over 11,000 submissions with no audits
  • We provide audit protection
  • Our no-obligation calculator tells you what you qualify for

That means we stand by our calculations and we stand by you!

Another thing you get,… personal support from Beverly Samuel.

Many assume they don’t qualify, but if you had W2 employees in 2020 and 2021, it’s worth it to check. It could be the most valuable 10 minutes you spend this week!