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Founded in 2010, ProAct Indy is a community engagement agency committed to creating servant leaders who appreciate diversity and equity. Our strategic mission is to engage youth in public service that educates, delights, and inspires youth and those they serve. We provide opportunities for youth to deepen their understanding of servanthood to learn responsibility, empathy, commitment, and social equity. We strive to teach our youth and the adults who work alongside them that community service is not about the act of service, rather it is about the intention of building and creating meaningful relationships.

We offer service-learning programs for youth ages 10-18 (5th-12th grade) whereas they learn how to be not the recipients of community service, but the givers and creators or service.

ProAct also provides a service to corporate businesses to outsource their community engagement services to ProAct who provides a value-based framework for community engagement for their employees.   We believe that businesses are uniquely positioned to deepen their relationship with the community and their employees by investing in opportunities to that promote equity, diversity, inclusion, and innovation to teach youth responsibility, empathy, commitment, and social equity.

Last, ProAct offers unique services to its community partners (nonprofits organizations) to provide technology resources, project management assistance, and project consulting to help partnering organizations better manage their volunteers to optimize their missional impact.

Beginning with our youth, our organizational and program model leverages the social capital of the community to empower and support the people our youth serve. Community partners provide service opportunities and in-kind support for our youth programs while corporate and philanthropic partners provide financial and volunteer support to serve alongside our youth and build transformational relationships.

ProAct has built the volunteer management infrastructure like none other. The vision of this unique organization is to be the hub for community service and engagement in Indy!