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130 S. Pennsylvania Street
Indianapolis, In 46204
Phone (317) 560-4848 Website www.eatpier48.com

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At Pier 48, we strive for authenticity- in our food and our service. Our fine-casual dining experience allows you to eat exceptional seafood in a casual and comfortable environment that brings the East Coast straight to you!

Our mission is to serve our community through an exceptional dining experience by creating and delivering fresh sea-to-table cuisine using sustainable ingredients sourced from our family fishing boats to embrace our East Coast heritage.

Our family’s involvement in the restaurant brings a uniqueness to the table, ensuring that you are not only getting freshly caught fish, but a true family feel. We believe in the importance of being green. We want our actions as a restaurant to reflect into the community, bringing awareness to how the choices we make can impact our oceans and our environment- for the good.


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