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Peak Mind The Calm app for the office. Empowering employees to thrive! A mental well-being app connecting your teams with 150+ action steps to take in the moment needed.  As well as to over 400+ community resources, expert advice and each other.  www.JoinPeakMind.com to thrive today!

Annual costs of work-related stress total 300 billion dollars in the United States. However, the nature of managing teams, on top of performing within the organization, is exhausting. Often, companies find that leaders aren’t equipped with the knowledge to support employees’ mental and emotional well-being—which is why they’re turning to businesses like Peak Mind.

Founded by business owner and social scientist, Dr. Alicia E. Mckoy, CCWS, Ph.D. (Hon. Causa), Peak Mind is a majority minority-owned tech startup focused on company-wide solutions to improve employee well-being, company culture, and healthcare expenses. After over 20+ years in the interior design business, Mckoy had a realization that changed the trajectory of her career.

“Working as an interior designer brought me so much joy as I would reimagine and later recreate the aesthetic of a space,” Mckoy said. “But around 2019, right before the pandemic, I had a stark realization that no beatification of a space could alter the experience a person has if they’re not in a healthy mental state. Little did I know, that was the birth of Peak Mind.”

Peak Mind provides companies with a unique set of tools to empower workers to thrive while also equipping leadership with an insightful roadmap to safer workplace environments. Through the application, employees have on-demand access to well-being coping activities that can quite literally help them find their calm in a moment of chaos. Through easy, science-based techniques, employees or diverse teams can participate in small actions from the convenience of their desk area or when gathered in large-meeting spaces.

Corporate wellness programs/tools lead to more energized and productive employees, and therefore a more productive company culture. Overall, corporate wellness programs result in a productivity increase of five percent or greater.  Connect with us today: Connect@JoinPeakMind.com or read more online: www.JoinPeakMind.com Let’s Peak today!




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