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NEXT Studios is the home of innovators. We’re practicing entrepreneurs, experienced leaders in our innovation community, and have a track record of creating innovation wherever we work. We know how to help your team remove barriers to innovation, generate new ideas, and turn those ideas into winning offerings.

We offer a set of events, workshops, and tactics to help your organization master the immense change underway as we move toward the digital economy. We work on your side of the table, an integral part of who you are, arm-in-arm with your team as innovators-in-residence to move beyond incremental improvement into sustaining, disruptive, and radical innovation. We’ve been leaders in large corporations and small startups alike, and know-how to bring the best of each to help you move forward.

We are also one of America’s first Benefits Corporation venture studios. As a “B-Corp” we are required to apply our resources in service of a public benefit that’s registered in our corporate charter. That public benefit, “advancing entrepreneurship and innovation” compels us to run programs and workshops for founders from underserved communities at no charge to them. When you engage with NEXT Studios as your innovation partner, you’re also helping underserved founders in our community develop their dreams into new startups. They’re grateful to you for that opportunity, and we are eager to introduce you to those you are helping through your engagement with NEXT.


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