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Headquartered in Indianapolis with satellite presence in New York, Viridis Law provides big firm service with small firm attention and affordability. While all businesses, from nascent start-ups to long-established companies, need trusted legal counsel, it is not necessary for all businesses to take on the expense of in-house counsel. Viridis Law is here as a trusted outside general counsel to handle all of your business’s legal needs, from assisting with a short project to a regular ongoing advisor role.

All ventures incur risk, but the key is to anticipate and mitigate the liability that accompanies that risk. With our experience in a wide-range of practice areas, we are able to spot potential issues and save businesses time and money for the future, allowing clients to focus on building their growth and prosperity, not putting out fires.

With today’s technology, Viridis Law can serve clients no matter where they are located. We offer creative fee structures, including flat-fee and monthly subscription legal services as well as traditional hourly rates.