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Kenzie Academy is a private vocational school providing a powerful solution to our nation’s dramatic shortage of tech talent by reimagining higher education for the tech sector.

We were inspired to launch Kenzie Academy to provide a solution serving both technology companies and communities throughout Middle America: the former struggles to hire talent even as much talent is left untapped in the latter. This talent, once trained and available, has the capacity to attract employers and industries, increasingly fueling our nation’s growth.

Following a successful model developed and honed by our co-founders, Kenzie Academy plans to offer forward-thinking vocational Computer Science programs, finely attuned to today’s employment needs. This curriculum also incorporates crucial 21st century workplace skills: design thinking, higher order empathy, mental agility and emotional intelligence are key among them in order to develop a well-rounded technologist.

We will quickly pair Kenzie Academy students with real-world projects from partner companies and place them at high-paying tech jobs locally and nationally.
Our founders are uniquely suited to this venture: I have spent the last 6 years training engineers and developers in SE Asia and placed them on 130+ projects with US tech firms at my company Agility.io. My co-founder Courtney has designed campaigns and created partnerships to advance vocational training and job placements in the south through her involvement with Louisiana Calling. And finally, Rehan was co-founder at Galvanize and G-School, where they successfully trained developers and placed them at local Denver companies. We are leveraging our collective experience and networks to bring Kenzie Academy to middle America.

Our hope is that with a strong pool of talent, we can better attract tech companies to set up engineering centers in our campus cities and also supply upcoming third-wave startups with the talent needed to propel these companies forward.