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Circular Indiana is a statewide for-impact, 501(c)(3) organization that convenes our members to educate, advocate, and innovate towards a better future for Indiana. We focus on uniting individuals, businesses, community organizations, and state and local governments to work together to strengthen the circular economy. 

Founded in 1989 as the Indiana Recycling Coalition, Circular Indiana inspires the Indiana community to think and act beyond recycling and towards a more circular economy in Indiana. We are not a government entity and we rely on support from our sponsors and donors. Your support matters; what you give comes back to you.

Circular Indiana is committed to using our platform to elevate marginalized voices and be an agent of lasting change for the intersecting issues of systemic racism and the environment. We will do this by seeking out, connecting with, and listening to diverse perspectives, pursuing lifelong personal, organizational, and community education, and advocating for just and equitable environmental policies.

Visit circularindiana.org and follow @CircularIndiana on social media. 

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