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1033 East Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone (317) 423-8909 Website www.horizonhouse.cc

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Horizon House embodies the belief that all human beings have the right to have their basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, and personal safety met in a dignified, humane and caring manner that respects a person’s right to self-determination. We believe it takes a collaborative community response to uphold and give substance to these basic rights. We commit to being a focal point in this endeavor, offering our services and advocacy in a spirit of genuine hospitality and professional care.

Horizon House provides the help and hope that people – our neighbors – need to find their way out of homelessness. Anyone who is homeless can visit Horizon House during daytime hours, when most other shelters require them to be out.

We provide showers and bathrooms, laundry, food, mail, phone, and personal storage – things no one would want to be without. We also provide guidance and help so each neighbor can address the barriers to ending homelessness – everything from clothes and bus passes to job training and housing.