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Hirons is a full-service advertising, public relations and digital firm with offices in downtown Indianapolis and Chicago. Founded in 1978, we have effectively delivered our clients’ messages for more than 40 years. Our client roster is split between government (municipal, state and federal) and non-government (corporate, nonprofit) organizations.

Hirons’ strategy is to outthink, outwork and outperform. We outthink by utilizing research-driven methods and collaboration to develop effective strategies. We outwork by not settling on the first idea but always working toward the best idea. We outperform by setting clear, measurable expectations, analyzing the metrics and working until the sun goes down (and sometimes until the sun comes up) to see a project through.

We can provide your organization with the following services: advertising and marketing, media planning and buying, digital and web, branding and creative, and public relations and issues management. We are consultants who can increase sales, boost visibility, inform the public, launch a product, protect your reputation, clean up a mess or help you grow, scale back, fit in or stand out.