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Are you tired of paying high premiums, and having to meet extreme deductibles before health coverage even kicks in?  I help people save 30-50% on their health insurance premiums, and the deductible ONLY applies if you are admitted to a hospital overnight! My plans are in the largest network of doctors and hospitals (PPO), includes 20 doctor visits per year per insured, 6 chiropractic visits per year per insured, labs, diagnostics, rx, and much more.

I had a family of four come to me in need of health insurance. Their premium through the marketplace was going to be $1200 a month. She had health insurance available to her through her work, but her family was still  going to have to meet a $6000 deductible before coverage kicked in. I was able to get her and her family coverage for $700 per month. That’s an annual savings of $6000! Image what you could do with an extra $6000 a year.

Customize your plan to fit your healthcare needs!

15 minutes of your time, and I can show you how. NO obligation!