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The advisors at Gagne Wealth Management Group strive to help clients invest and maintain wealth through financial planning, market & investment portfolio analysis and market outlook advice.

Gagne Wealth Management Group is a multi-generational family planning and investment practice. The principals Jay Gagne, CIMA, President, Branch Manager, and Paula Gagne, Co-President, have had over 50 years of combined experience in advising clients and managing portfolios through extended bull and bear market cycles. Gagne Wealth Management specializes in financial planning, investment management, and advising high net worth clients from all walks of life including, but not limited to, doctors, business owners, executives, and retirees.

The advisors at Gagne Wealth Management are dedicated to providing innovative ideas and forward thinking advice to help manage client’s financial wealth and desired goals. Jay Gagne and his team specialize in the selection, pairing, and monitoring of Institutional Private Money Managers for client’s investment portfolio management. These are exclusive high net worth investment portfolios, most of which are only accessible at $100,000 minimums. Raymond James provides an extra layer of due diligence by providing a dedicated team of home office professionals who monitor the people, process, and performance of the various institutional managers on a daily basis. Jay Gagne believes that this multilayer due diligence approach provides added layers of insight not always offered or provided by the more traditional mutual fund investments often used. “Our ability to hire, access, and work with both top notch, as well as boutique, private wealth managers is one of our competitive advantages in the wealth management marketplace.” Jay C. Gagne, CIMA.

Financial Planning and goal monitoring is another important aspect of the service model offered by the advisors at Gagne Wealth Management. Paula Gagne insists that clients need an active planning roadmap to accompany the asset management aspect that their wealth management group provides. “When a client has a living plan to accompany their saving and investment program, they are more likely to achieve their financial goals over time.” Paula Gagne.

Client accessibility to their financial advisor is extremely important as well. Jay and Paula give clients their personal cell phone numbers and invite their clients to call them anytime. “When you are dealing with client’s life savings, we are no different than a Doctor who is constantly on call. Our clients depend on our help and advice; we must be readily accessible whenever they need it.” Jay Gagne.

In addition to other various industry recognition and accolades, Gagne Wealth Management was featured multiple times in Forbes magazine: March of 2014 as an Indiana Financial Leader, January of 2015 in the Forbes Wealth Managers Black Book, and recognized by Forbes as a Best in State Wealth Advisor 2019.