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Equanimity in Life & Leadership Approaches – E.L.L.A. INC. was officially incorporated in 2006, over 15 years of experience and education in the field of Social Work, Long-Term Elder Care, Psychotherapy & Mentoring & Life Coaching for individuals, groups, couples and families and Mind-Body-Spirit training through Yoga-Therapy & Meditation. Equanimity in Life & Leadership Approaches is a concept that integrates “mindfulness based living” to achieve equanimity in every facet of one’s life and environment. Individuals that incorporate mindful practices into their daily lives report decreased depression, anxiety, fear and physical and emotional pain. With the assistance of licensed therapists case managers and certified yoga teachers you can begin a peaceful journey toward healing and growth. Living mindfully helps to minimize distress. It’s been said that dwelling on the past brings regret and anger about things that can’t be changed, while focusing on the future can bring about fear and anxiety of the unknown. Living in the present moment mindfully helps us to come to a place of gratitude, acceptance and peace with the current moment and trust for whatever is to come.