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Randy Denney founded Denney Excavating Inc. in 1990. He began removing underground storage tanks and contaminated soil for gas stations which progressed to the demolition of gas stations and other structures. Capitalizing on his years of experience in the industry, and starting with a dedicated crew of skilled operators, he grew the company into one of the largest demolition contractors in Indiana. Environmental Services have been important from the beginning. The company’s capability includes tank removal, brownfield reclamation, and contaminated soil removal. The Transportation Division, R. L. Denney Inc. began as a necessary service to satisfy the company’s operating needs. It has grown into an operation that services clients throughout Indiana and beyond with a fleet of tri-axle dump trucks, roll-off trucks, and lowboy semi trailer trucks. The Recycling division was founded in 2005 and now operates four portable crushing machines. The company provides recycled stone from the crushed concrete we obtain on demolition jobs. We also provide asphalt crushing services. We strive to recycle all clean concrete and asphalt from demolition sites. Denney Excavating is also qualified with the City of Indianapolis-Dept. of Metropolitan Development to perform any Emergency Demolition Services that the City may need.