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CJ Business Solutions, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, provides business support services and lifestyle management services for business and individual clients to assist them in getting through tasks/special projects that seem to remain forever on their “to-do-list.” Quite often, entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profits, service organizations, and busy individuals find that they don’t have the resources or time to devote to getting time-consuming (one-off or ongoing) tasks and projects completed. This is where CJ Business Solutions can help.

CJ Business Solutions wants to be the support services provider of choice when it comes time to outsource tasks and special projects, whether it be for your business or in your personal life. We are efficient, cost-effective, flexible, and scalable. Our goal: be the “go-to” behind the scenes support service provider for businesses/organizations and busy individuals when they need to “GET THINGS DONE.”

Our target audiences:

Solo business owners, small boutiques firms, new startups that have grown faster than they had planned, a small business with less than 25-50 employees who need help keeping up with the day to day side of their business and attorneys, based on their clientele, would see our services as a plus.

In regard to the LifeStyle Management side of the business, our target audience would be busy professionals (male/female) who have more on their plate than they can reasonably handle. Also, seniors and/or their families who want to maintain their independence as much as possible

CJ Business Solutions Mission Statement

“To add proven value to any business or individual that we work with by delivering exceptional set services and solutions that will allow them to focus on what they do best.

What type of service(s) does CJ Business Solutions offer?

Don’t let the small things get in the way of the results you need. Our clients place their trust in us to smoothly run their operational processes while they focus on growing their businesses.

Our extensive background in client support and services enables us to offer a suite of services that are designed to provide the type of support you are looking for, at a time and price that helps your business grow.

Operational Workflow Optimization
Process Review & Improvements
Key Business Procedure Documentation
Operational Process Improvements & Recommendations
Meeting & Calendar Scheduling
Itinerary Research and Presentation
Travel & Transportation Logistics and Planning

Workspace Organization & File Management
Document Archiving
Decluttering, Organization & Optimization
Document Preparation & Organization
Electronic & Paper Filing System Management and Maintenance

Project Research & Assistance
Data Compilation & Presentation
Stakeholder Research

Professional & Community Networking
Business Representation at Events
Outreach & Networking
Client Service Support

Meeting & Event Support
Vendor Research & Cost Comparison Analysis
Event Layout & Presentation
Initial Contact & Follow-Up with Primary Event Participants
Day-Of Support

Lifestyle Management Services

Personal Time Savers
Appointment Scheduling
Personal Financial Services/ Bookkeeping
Photo & Email Organization

Coordination of special events & party planning services
Errand Assistance & Purchases
Product Research & Recommendations
Miscellaneous Research & Data Organization

Home Office Necessities
Home Office Decluttering, Organization & Optimization
Document Preparation & Organization
Electronic & Paper Filing System Management and Maintenance
Bill Payment Tracking & Reminders Automations
Unused Service or Subscription Payment Cancellations

Travel Research & Planning
Itinerary Research and Presentation
Travel & Transportation Logistics and Planning

Senior Assistance
Bill Tracking, Payment & Due Date Reminders
Home Organization Services & Downsizing

Home Editing & Closet Therapy
Clutter Elimination & Organization for Optimal Space Utilization
Closet, Cabinet, Room & Storage Cleaning & Space Savers
Household Management & Maintenance Strategy Development & Support
Photo Scanning & Document Archiving

Miscellaneous Services
Don’t see what you need? We provide many other services than those listed here. Send us some details below and we’ll schedule a good time to talk.

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