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Founded in 1916, Calumet Lubricants Company produces a full line of naphthenic and paraffinic oils, as well as aliphatic solvents and microcrystalline waxes. The company s Princeton refinery produces a premium line of naphthenic base and process oils, in addition to refrigeration oils, shock-absorber oils and electrical insulation oils. Calumet’s Shreveport, La. facility is a complete specialty refinery that produces paraffinic base oils, fully refined paraffin waxes, and naphthenic and paraffinic bright stocks. In addition, the company s Cotton Valley refinery produces hydrotreated low-aromatic solvents, low vapor pressure solvents and conventionally refined products. Calumet also operates a manufacturing and bulk storage facility as a terminal for tank truck delivery throughout the Upper Midwest. Calumet Lubricants maintains its corporate headquarters in Indianapolis.