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Indianapolis, Indiana 46268
Phone (317) 969-6926 Website www.ARCpointlabs.com/IndianapolisWest


ARCpoint Labs provides accurate, reliable, and confidential Drug, DNA, and DOT testing services for businesses and individuals.
We can help you maintain an efficient workforce without losing valuable time and productivity experienced when sending employees offsite for testing. Most importantly, we utilize appropriate test methodologies to detect natural/synthetic drug usage in individuals including urine, hair, nail, saliva, blood & sweat patch testing. Our tests are court admissible with legal chain of custody. For DOT-regulated organizations, we provide fully-compliant testing, including pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return-to-duty, on-site, emergency, and consortium testing. We can test for nearly every drug without compromising accuracy or timeliness.


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