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Operational for more than 100 years, ADM Milling is one of the largest providers of a range of flours and mixes throughout the United States. It provides wheat, corn, barley and milo, as well as offers flours. Its specialty products include malted barley, wheat germ, bran, bulgur, sorghum, grits and soy-fortified mixes. ADM Milling offers various customer-focused solutions and maintains manufacturing plants and wheat and flour mills. It is a part of ADM, which is one of the largest agricultural processors in the U.S. ADM offers a range of wheat flours, fats and oils, sweeteners, cocoa and chocolate products. It also prepares dough conditioners, releasing agents, starches and gums, glutens and food acids. Additionally, the company manufactures nonpetroleum-based polymers, biodiesel and ethanol products, as well as prepares soybean oil and corn sweeteners.