Indianapolis Motor Speedway

“What we do together as Chamber members is work together to make our community better,” says Doug Boles, President of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Boles shares the importance of community in developing our city and dives deeper into the economic impact that the Indy 500 has on Indianapolis annually in this I Am Indy Chamber video.

Learn more about why the Indianapolis Motor Speedway chose to become an Indy Chamber member here!

Doug Boles President

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Community Building
  • Economic Impact


After joining the Indy Chamber as a member, Drew Linn, Chief Strategy Officer at Counterpart, got involved in the organization’s efforts through board leadership and the Business Ownership Initiative. Learn how member’s of Counterpart’s team are also taking advantage of their Indy Chamber membership through different avenues of involvement in their I Am Indy Chamber video!

Watch the video here.

Drew Linn Chief Strategy Officer

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Community Involvement

The Hot Room

During these unprecedented times the Hot Room leaned on the Indy Chamber for support and resources. After having to close their doors and move their entire business to a virtual setting, they are now getting back to business.

Learn more about how The Hot Room is getting back to business during this time!

Hye Jin Kalgaonkar CEO & Founder

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Resource Through the Pandemic
  • Business Support

Tinker Coffee Co.

Since becoming Indy Chamber members, Tinker Coffee has used their membership as a way to build connections within the community. “You never know who you’re going to meet [at events] and the content at these events really invites you to get a deeper understanding into the development of the region,” said Stephen Hall, co-founder of Tinker Coffee.

Learn more about Tinker Coffee Co. in their I Am Indy Chamber video!

Stephan Hall Co-founder

Why Indy Chamber?

  • A great way to make connections in Indy

Tinker House Events

Since becoming an Indy Chamber member, Brian Willsey, CEO of Tinker House Events, has found his membership to be an essential way to build connections with the community. “You get out of the Indy Chamber what you put into it. The relationships I have been able to grow while being a member of the Indy Chamber is why I am a member! Everyone who is involved in the chamber has Indianapolis at their heart, and wants to drive Indy forward. It is a great organization for any business to be a part of because it is essential to the growth of this city.”


Learn more about how Tinker House Events is Indy Chamber here!

Brian Willsey CEO

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Connectivity
  • Drives growth of Indianapolis

Ignition DG

Amanda Fishburn, VP of Ignition DG in Indianapolis, says that their membership with the Indy Chamber has benefitted them tremendously ever since they joined last June. By nature of Ignition DG’s work and their staff size, there weren’t many opportunities to engage with people in other industries before they got connected to Chamber events.

“If you didn’t work with us directly, you might not know any of us because we didn’t have reason to get out in the public much,” says Fishburn, “but since joining the Chamber last June, attending events and meeting people for potential partnership, getting out there, it has been great for us. We tried other things before, but because of the multidimensional platform of events, the Chamber has worked best for us.”


Learn more about how Ignititon DG is Indy Chamber here!

Amanda Fishburn Vice President

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Dynamic platform of events
  • Opportunity to disseminate information to other Indy Chamber members through the Monday Morning Memo

Workplace Safety & Health Company, Inc.

Workplace Safety & Health Company, Inc. recognizes that the Indy Chamber is an excellent organization for local businesses to promote the high-quality goods and services that Indianapolis has to offer. In addition, the networking events and educational opportunities that the Indy Chamber provides are an extremely valuable resource for both the membership and the community. Workplace Safety & Health Company, Inc. is proud to be an Indy Chamber member.

Richard Griffith President

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Indy Chamber provides are an extremely valuable resource for both the membership and the community
  • Excellent organization for local businesses to promote the high-quality goods and services

Bosma Enterprises

“Through our Indy Chamber membership, we are able to develop new relationships and change the way people thinkabout doing business and finding new talent in the workforce.”

Anthony Scott Communications Specialist, Bosma Enterprises

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Helped us develop new relationships
  • Changed the way people think about doing business
  • Helped us find new talent in the workforce

Ice Miller

“Being an Indy Chamber member has opened the door to opportunities that we may have never had access to. This membership has been essential to building connections and engaging with other members in the business community. Through our partnership with the Chamber we have been able to make an impact on Indy’s business community and build a brighter future for our city. Together we can drive Indy forward.”

Melissa Proffitt Partner-in-Charge of Client Relations

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Opened the door to opportunities we may not have had access to
  • Allowed us to build connections with other members of the business community


“I really believe Indy is the best city in the country for young professionals. Indy is the only market where you can make an impact and get involved in shaping policies and decisions. In other cities, I wouldn’t have access to presidents and CEO’s like I do here.”

Tom Hanley CEO, Nine13Sports

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Great way to connect with other presidents and CEOs
  • Allowed us to get involved in shaping policies
  • Connected us with other young professionals

Lauth Group, Inc.

“Lauth Group chooses to be member of the Indy Chamber because the Chamber’s goals and initiatives align strongly with our business model, company culture and our shared passion for the overall success of the central Indiana community.  Indy Chamber’s continued focus and leadership on issues critical to economic development and a pro-business environment in central Indiana help attract and retain the talent we need in this market, and send a strong message to firms around the country that the Indianapolis Region is “open for business”.  The money and time we spend on supporting the Indy Chamber provide an excellent return on our investment.”

Michael J. Jones President & CEO, Lauth Group, Inc.

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Their goals and initiatives align strongly with our business model
  • They attract and retain the talent we need in this market
  • Excellent return on investment

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