Last Thursday, 400 plus interns and I joined together to participate in the inaugural Indyfluence event. Being provided the opportunity to meet with top tier companies, communicate with various interns from across the country and give back to the community almost made performing manual labor during a heat advisory worth it, almost. (kidding).

To begin the day, hundreds of interns were split off to 10 different project sites through Indyfluence. My assigned project was to volunteer at Gleaner’s Food Bank while the other Indy Chamber Interns, Christian Vasquez, and Zachary Shircliff, helped AYS prepare for the upcoming school year. During the four hours of service dedicated to Gleaner’s Food Bank, we were able to sort out 20,573 pounds of food equaling up to 17,114 meals. The dent of impact we were able to make in such little time left us dumbfounded. We wrapped up the day by networking with the participating companies (with drinks and food in hand, of course). After chatting with new friends, volunteers, and vendors I realized I had been blindly networking the entire time. The friendliness of the volunteers and professionals made making connections and building our professional network seamless.

On a sappy note, this event has just been one of the many amazing experiences I have been a part of since my time with the Indy Chamber. Spending my days surrounded by an incredibly talented, welcoming and eager Marketing and Communications team has made my internship well worth the hour commute. The work the Chamber puts forth for the community makes my love for our beautiful city grow fonder. Although my time as an intern must come to an end, I feel comfort in knowing that the city of Indianapolis will always welcome me back home. (P.S. my position is open)

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