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The Road to Wins – Pipeline Math for Growth Mindset Companies

Pipeline Status: The forgotten KPI.  The fact is most sales pipelines are clogged, clogged with Think-it-Overs, No’s, and Maybe-next-year. In this Breakthrough Selling session, Indy Chamber’s VP of Membership Sales Ross Raifsnider and Trustpointe’s Chris Roberts will provide the launchpad for your 2021 predictable revenue success. For business leaders and salespeople, the session is intended to bring focus – and heightened awareness – to pipeline management math. The lifeline of a business, the ultimate goal, is the growth and maintenance of predictable revenue. UG=PR! The session will help shorten your selling cycle and build a fluid, measurable pipeline. Fast Track the new year and join other leaders for this year-changing session.

You either have a plan, or you’re a part of someone else’s.


Date and Time

Monday, January 25
11:30 am – 1:00 pm EST


Virtual Zoom Meeting