The Indy Civic Hack is an annual event that brings together citizens from all backgrounds to use technology to help solve difficult community problems that hold back inclusive growth of our community. 

For 24 hours, diverse teams work to create solutions for challenges presented to them. The challenges are focused on long-standing, multi-dimensional issues that cannot be solved by the government or private-sector alone.


Difficult challenges require innovative solutions. The Indy Civic Hack brings new perspectives, technology, data, and tools to help solve social problems of our community. Working alongside government and community leaders, cross-functional teams create “out of the box” solutions to spur new collaboration.


Starting in 2014, the Indy Civic Hack was inspired by the civic tech movement calling for open data and greater transparency in order to leverage technology to improve services. Past hackathons have tackled everything from public transportation to food insecurity, just to name a few. Now in its seventh year, this annual hackathon continues to show state and local leaders the value of innovation to creatively help improve our community

Are you up to the challenge?

Date and Time

Friday, June 12
5:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT


Launch Indy (In Union 525)

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