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Roust, Inc. – A New Kind of Social Network

Posted by ehayden on September 24, 2015

Roust, Inc. is an Indianapolis-based Social Network startup that aims to be the home for conversations on politics, and social issues. If you are a political junky or if you wish you had a magic island to send all of the political junkies that fill your Facebook feed, Roust is here for you! 

With Roust, you can connect to people you know, or directly to topics that interest you. Read, reply, or simply share your opinion with their three “opinionation” buttons (Agree / Disagree / Interesting). Yes, Roust gives you a disagree (thumbs down) button. If you are interested in civil discourse on important topics involving the world around you, then Roust is something you should check out.

As the Roust team makes their way toward their platform’s public launch, they are looking for early-adopters to use the site and provide feedback. Are you an early adopter? Or are you just curious? Register your account here and Roust some conversation!