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Aligning For The Common Good

Posted by aprile on May 23, 2013

Scott W. Miller, President, Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce

The Indianapolis region has transformed over the past 40 years, due in large part to the determination and hard work of civic leaders with a vision for a strong urban core and a better place to live and raise a family. This passion continues today.

Indianapolis has enjoyed its position as the amateur sports capital of the world, but has grown into so much more than that. We are a destination not only for visitors and their tourism dollars, but also for companies and individuals seeking regional amenities. We are harnessing public-private partnerships to revitalize downtown and surrounding neighborhoods, improve the state of education, promote entrepreneurship and innovation, and advance the manufacturing, logistics, and life sciences sectors. We created a culture of connectivity focused on making the city and the region the best they can be. The time has come to capitalize on this momentum.

Growing our economy and attracting visitors, businesses, and top talent happens through regional partnerships and alliances. The synergy of collaboration results in combined resources that make us more competitive to prospective businesses. That's why we're excited about the merger of Indy Partnership, Develop Indy, Business Ownership Initiative, and the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce. It will allow us to strategically align our efforts to move our region forward on a global scale.

Up until now, our region's economic agencies have had multiple voices. A unified vision, mission, and identity will result in one organization focused on being the catalyst for economic growth and prosperity. By streamlining these organizations into one with separate business units, we will help businesses we attract better integrate into the community and provide better opportunities for our existing companies. The Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce's dedication to the community is not changing, but rather, evolving. The Chamber remains committed to attracting and retaining jobs and attracting new investment fostering business growth. However, a more proactive and targeted focus on attracting new business and helping existing businesses expand is needed. And that focus must include a regional perspective, considering what is best for the economic growth of the entire nine-county region.

As one joined entity, we will be better prepared and equipped to address the looming challenges of economic development, K-12 education reform, transit, and neighborhood revitalization. We look forward to working together to show the rest of the country – and the world – why the Indianapolis region is a great place to live and do business.