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JA JobSpark: Sparking Early Interest in Indy's High-Tech Careers

Posted by chamberadmin on August 4, 2017

In a few weeks, classes will be underway on college and university campuses across Indiana…and one trend is certain to continue:  Each incoming group of freshmen are a little more tech-savvy than the last, using their devices for studying, socializing and streamlining their daily routines.

SHELBYVILLE, Ind. (Aug. 2, 2017) – Kimura Foundry America, a global manufacturer of alloy castings for the automotive and industrial sectors, announced plans today to locate its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Shelbyville, Indiana.

How to Overcome the Biggest Challenges Business Owners Face

Posted by chamberadmin on July 26, 2017

Roger Engelau, Inspire Results Business Coaching 

According to research, nine of 10 small business owners say that they’re still involved in the day-to-day activities of their business as opposed to truly focusing on the company’s future. Failure to make payroll, 60-hour weeks with years of no vacation, and employees who don’t want to work are just a few of the worries that keep the small business owner from focusing on how to increase profit. 

Pearl will oversee global trade and investment initiatives as part of the regional 'Accelerate Indy' economic strategy

Indy Chamber Forming IPS Operational Analysis Task Force

Posted by chamberadmin on July 21, 2017

We all know that the stakes are high for the future of the Indianapolis Public Schools – for tomorrow’s workforce, our competitive position in the knowledge economy, and creating a livable city where people and employers can thrive.  With Indianapolis among the most difficult cities to escape the cycle of poverty, improving education is the surest path towards upward mobility.    

For all these reasons, the business community must be a partner in progress with IPS.  We need your help as we continue to help the district maintain focus – and funding – in the classroom.