Large urban regions have dominated the 21st century economy. Indy is in the race; in some ways, we have a head start on our peers. But we need a higher gear to aim for the front of the pack- a new strategy for economic development.

The Indy Chamber has led a process focused on a strategy designed to drive the Indy region forward: Accelerate Indy. Over the last two years, the Indy Chamber listened to thousands of employers, engaged elected officials and economic development professionals, studied the most successful peer regions, and sought insight and analysis from national experts. The result was a plan that redefines "business climate" to reflect Indy's competitive priorities: 

  • A vibrant quality of life that attracts and retains talent- building a more convenient, connected community (with live/work options supported by walkable development and transit) with a welcoming, inclusive culture
  • A visible brand image, aggressively appealing to people and employers alike to explore Indy
  • Talent development- planning ahead to meet emerging industry demands, working collaboratively to build a workforce pipeline from early learning through K-12 to vocational and post secondary
  • Supporting advanced industry innovation, with regional business attraction and retention focused on high-value investment and high-skill, high-wage job creation
  • Homegrown business success, strengthening our entrepreneurial ecosystem and helping local companies succeed- and pursue global opportunities